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5 Ways to Prepare for a Site-Wide Sale

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2020

There is a lot of hype around site-wide sales and how to prepare for them. Here are our top 5 ways to prepare!

1. Set your store on sale

This seems like a no-brainer but forgetting happens! When you have a seller account, you’ll see a banner at the top of your screen with a link that says, ‘ready your store.’ When you click that link, choose ‘I want to set my entire store at 20% off during the sale’ and submit. Now you’re set! Your store will automatically go on sale during the site-wide sale.

2. Create emails

Creating drafts in advance are efficient and effective. Consider sending the following emails:

  1. Night before the sale
  2. Morning of the sale
  3. Second morning of the sale
  4. Last chance second night of the sale

Hot tips for sales emails:

  • Create an engaging subject line.
  • Include the promo code (remember, they don’t get the full discount amount unless they use the promo code).
  • List a few key resources that are relevant (don’t overload them with a long list, they’ll just exit out).
  • Include pictures and descriptions that SOLVE a problem they are having. This will turn views into clicks.
  • Don’t be overly salesy, no one likes that!

3. Schedule Social Media Posts

You need to plan out a few social media posts across Facebook and Instagram promoting the site-wide sale. BUT think about how many posts yours are going up against. Don’t just say, ‘my store’s on sale!’ with a generic sales post everyone else is using. Make sure yours is unique and stands out!

 Hot tips for social media:

  • Use the gift card from TpT to promote the sale and create engagement around your store and/or a resource.
    • TpT will send out an email to sellers announcing the sale. In this email, you’ll be able to sign up to win a $10 TpT giftcard. The giftcard is emailed a few days before the sale. You MUST use the giftcard for promotion of the sale, not personal use.
  • Hi-light a resource that solves a problem.
  • Show-case a money saving bundle.

4. Release a new product

…but only if it’s ready! Post your new resource the day before the sale. It will go out in the TpT email to your TpT followers the next morning on the day of the sale. Since sales see higher traffic, you’ll get more eyes to it!

5. Don’t sweat the numbers

As much as we wish we could, we can’t control how much money we make on site-wide sale days. We can only control our promotions of it. People often buy from their wishlist so newer sellers won’t see as many sales as a veteran seller will. Keep focusing on your goals for that month, keep creating resources, and celebrate any sales you have, no matter how small! If you’ve been through site-wide sales before, compare your numbers to last year’s sales numbers.


Wishing you a successful sale!

-Erin + Abby


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